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Tax Free Shopping

Are you shopping at one of our We Are Labels stores? Are you a non-European Union citizen? Then you probably have the opportunity to shop tax-free at our stores.

How does it work?

1. Check your purchase receipt

A purchase receipt should meet a couple of basic requirements. The next should be stated clearly: the VAT amount, the NAC-details of the shop and your NCP-details. Make sure to request a correct receipt from the shop if these requirements are not met.

2. Collect a Customs stamp

Before leaving the EU, Customs will need to check if you are taking the purchases with you. Show Customs your purchase receipts and purchases. After the check, Customs will validate your purchase receipts with a Customs stamp. At most EU-airports, you will find Customs before check-in so you do not have to carry the goods in your handluggage.

3. Cash at vatfree.com

Register your purchase receipts and mail them to the address of Vatfree: vatfree.com, p.o. box 75605, 1118 ZR Schiphol, The Netherlands.

For more information please check out Vatfree.com here.