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Men's shirts & Overshirts

From classic to modern, for old and young, and from slim fit to comfort fit; at We Are Labels we have a great selection of men’s shirts and overshirts just for you. Here you can find a careful collection of long-sleeved & short-sleeved shirts from brands including Minimum, Parlez, WoodbirdSelected Homme.

 The versatile use of a good shirt  

Choosing a shirt that fits with your style and preferences starts with the desired fit. Slim fit, oversized fit, the classic regular fit or the comfort fit; each one of these styles can be easily combined and styled for various occasions. These days both casual and classic shirts come in all sorts of materials such as checkered flannel, corduroy, flannel, or classic cotton. Those who dare to take a risk when it comes to their choice of shirt can opt for bright & bold prints, stripes, tropical flowers, colorful numbers… You name it and a brand has thought of it! 

Classic and professional VS casual and modern 

Most models can be casually worn above a jean or a pair of chinos. This carefree & casual look leaves the choice to tuck the shirt in or wear it loose up to you. Thinking of a more formal style? Go for a classic regular-fit white shirt tucked in a pair of pants. Another good option when you are trying to achieve a smart casual look is to wear a sweater above your shirt and showing the collar. Are you unfamiliar with modern and colorful shirts and not sure about how to style them? Wearing a blazer or formal jacket above such a modern shirt allows you to get away with most daring shirt choices.