Men’s sweatshirts & hoodies

For a long time, sweatshirts & hoodies were considered to be a combination of loungewear and sportswear. Coolness and comfort go together in one practical piece of clothing. But at We Are Labels we feel that you do not need to give up fashion for comfort (or comfort for fashion). Sweatshirts and hoodies have come a long way in terms of fit and quality. Take a look at these sweatshirts & hoodies from carefully selected brands, which among others, include Levi’s, Selected Homme, Parlez, and Lacoste.
How to style sweatshirts & hoodies

Hoodies and sweatshirts are the perfect pieces that make you look sharp and keep you warm at the same time. Do you want to go for a more athletic look? You can pair a graphic sweatshirt from, for example, Woodbird, and wear it with a pair of simple joggers. A pairing that works season and after season is a hoodie underneath a statement jacket. One thing to remember is that a quality hoodie or sweatshirt with a good fit and can make your look sharp instead of slack.  A high-end sweatshirt or hoodie, like the ones from Armor Lux, can be perfectly paired with smarter pieces like a pair of fitted pants.