NSL presents the post-pandemic capsule, celebrating the reawakening of possibilities. After having been forced to live in a state of nostalgia, we can now choose to keep doing so, or escape to another world by means of music or sheer imagination.

In collaboration with four artists we usher in a new day of vibrancy and joy.


Finally... after all the years of the pandemic, people from all over the world are celebrating their freedom. The Earth is shaking rhythmically from all the partying and the music echoes throughout the space: Our earth is the dancing globe between the stars. The colors that are used for this work are positive and vibrant, visualizing the cosmic energy of this global party.

Graphic design by Sona Lee (Seoul) x NSL

NSL hooked up with Sona Lee for our post-pandemic capsule. Sona Lee finds her inspiration from her imaginative world, where she often gets lost in. Her unique visual language aims at communication between the viewers and her inventive characters full of curiosity. You might not be able to imagine but her characters are staring at us from her world even at this moment.


The devil in me representing the need for partying during the pandemic. Our inner devils came to life: boundaries were broken and memories were made to last like a tattoo.

NSL created a fun and cool graphic within our general spring/summer theme: an ode to the creative music & the nightlife scene, and the connection and camaraderie they create between human beings all over the world.

Graphic design by Sam Liesveld (Amsterdam) x NSL

Sam Liesveld, born and raised in Amsterdam, is a tattoo-artist and a resident at Hollywood Mark Tattoo Amsterdam. Being a tattoo artist at heart, Sam may not be seen as your everyday graphic designer/illustrator. However, little do many know Sam is a chameleon who can create dope illustrations in totally different styles, without simultaneously losing his own particular touch on it.


Channeling our inner party soul and walking back memory lane from the mid-80's through the early 2000’s, this capsule collection embodies this era in its full glory. The fabulous times in which iconic clubs such as RoXY, iT and Studio 54 flourished and house was at its finest. This graphic, a collage consisting out of old school house record covers, is a hommage to the party scene which used to be so vibrant and alive but now, due to the pandemic, has withered and is being threatened in its existence while reminiscing the past party scene, smothered in nostalgia.

Graphic design by ABE&KAM


"Escapism could be interpreted in a negative way, but what about considering it as a tempting cheat sheet to make our tough life be less hectic? Never could imagine escaping from the chaotic earth and accessing the planet of music, but now we can do it somehow. The idea for designing a capsule collection had started from a small curiosity of the possibility of this."

Graphic design by Eunseo Hyun/Aspirin x NSL

She likes to create her own visual narrative by mixing familiar visuals by somewhat unfamiliar digital elements. She is also into designing typefaces that seem to have a joyful atmosphere.